The Chris Brown Question

See? Ignoring everything else, this would be enough to make me not like him.

If you are a human-type person then you have probably heard about the Chris Brown/Rihanna ickiness.  The latest news in this non-scripted Hollywood drama is that Chris Brown and Rihanna are dating again and have recorded a song together that will be released on her next album. So, that’s a thing that’s happening. Of course, I don’t know if it’s really really happening but all the interwebs is abuzz with news of it so, for now, let’s assume that it’s a thing that’s happening.

In general, I’m not too involved in the lives of celebrities, unless we are talking about the Katy Perry/Russell Brand divorce because in that case I am absolutely devastated and hope those crazy kids can work it out someday. Other than that one exception, I usually skim through a Jezebel Dirtbag article every once in a while for kicks and giggles and only listen half-heartedly when people around me are discussing celebrity gossip. Lately though, it seems like all the talk has been about the Chris Brown/Rihanna saga and I have to admit that I’ve found myself listening and participating in the conversation, if only because I think there are bigger issues at play than who is dating who in Hollyweird. (See what I did there? I called it Hollyweird so people know how independent of social conventions I am.)  Out of all the discussion, and opinions, and judging that is surrounding this saga, there is one question I have heard/read over and over again, “When do we forgive Chris Brown?”

Ummmmm….we don’t. We don’t forgive Chris Brown. Not because he’s a violent person unworthy of forgiveness but because what he did wasn’t directed at us. Chris Brown didn’t beat the shit out of me, so what do I have to forgive him for? I really don’t think it’s a matter of forgiveness from the public’s perspective. I think the only person who has a right to forgive or not forgive Chris Brown is Rihanna. It was her face getting punched, not mine or yours. Let’s leave the forgiveness to her.

Now, having said that, it doesn’t mean that I have to like Chris Brown. Because I don’t. I really really don’t.  From what I’ve seen and read, he is violent, homophobic, volatile, sexist, and not that great of a singer, although, I will happily concede he is an excellent dancer.  I don’t have to like him but it’s not up to me to forgive or not forgive him. His transgression wasn’t against me. So, let’s drop this “Forgive Chris Brown” and “Don’t forgive Chris Brown” discussion unless your name is Rihanna and you’re a pop star. However, feel free to discuss how much you do or don’t like him – in fact, the comments section of this blog would be a good place for that.  😉