The Things We Do For Pretty.

You guys. Have you ever thought about the thing you do to achieve that seemingly elusive “pretty”? I had never really given my “pretty” routine a good thinking on until recently – but then I did – and now….now I just can’t believe all the things I do for “pretty”.

I eat at least an ounce of walnuts every morning. I don’t particularly like walnuts. But I eat them because I read that they make your skin “pretty”.

I drink a tablespoon of apple cider vinegar in 8 ounces of water as soon as I wake up every morning. It’s not horrible, but I don’t love it. Again, I read this will make both your skin and hair “pretty”.

I spend hours upon hours researching tips/tricks/advice on how to be “pretty”.

I can not honestly remember the last time I wasn’t on a diet. Because it is so ingrained in my psyche that skinny is “pretty”.

I constantly fuss with my hair because I want it to look “pretty”.

I spend a disgusting amount of money on products that will make me “pretty”.

I spend hours hating myself because despite all of the above, in my eyes, I’m failing at being “pretty”.

FUCK PRETTY. Seriously, fuck it. What about healthy? What about confident? What about intelligent, and funny, and thoughtful, and caring, and compassionate, and kind, and loving? What am I doing to on a daily basis to achieve those things?

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not going to start neglecting my hygiene and do nothing but sit around watching old episodes of Veronica Mars. Ok, so yes, I do plan on watching a lot of Veronica Mars, but I’m also going to do other things. Things that fulfill my desire to be healthy, confident, intelligent, funny, thoughtful, caring, compassionate, kind, and loving. Because fuck pretty y’all. There are so many better things than pretty.

– Mae

40 thoughts on “The Things We Do For Pretty.

  1. I tried the apple cider vinegar thing and almost gagged! Now I just drink lemon squeezed in water every morning before my toast and coffee. (ACV is awesome as salad dressing though.)

    And yeah it is easy to forget that external beauty is just one component of the package. I am not the spawn of Aphrodite and the world just has to live with that.

  2. I have totally thought about this… and it’s amazing how much of what I do every day has to do with being or becoming pretty! The expansion capacity for get-pretty activities is pretty much infinite – and that’s a little freaky.

    • I know! It takes up so much time we could be saving the world, or re-reading favorite books, or getting massages, or basically doing anything else.

  3. this is so true…..we induklge in ourselves so much not be ourself but to acclaim the so called adjective”pretty” to be praised by the other people especially the opposite gender.
    i too follow indulge in a lot of cosmetics,natural remedies to look good and then keep saying myself that this is indeed to please myself but then at the end of the day nothing is beautiful to the ears until said by the other person.

  4. There are far more better things to be that pretty. True dat! Ahem…

    Think the only thing I have started doing for “pretty” is more for the fact that I don’t want layers of London’s underground tube caked on my face overnight – manuka honey wash every evening. I don’t wear make up, I do make sure I smell good. And the obvious hygiene things.

    But pretty is hard. I remember once aspiring to be pretty, but it was too hard and I preferred just being me. I don’t need that. Though that’s not to say I don’t get jealous when I see those women who walk by and obviously spend a lot of time on making sure they’re pretty.

    • Oh I know! I definitely still feel that pang of envy when someone jaw-droppingly beautiful walks by me. But you’re right, it’s a hard way to live when you’re constantly chasing something like “pretty”.

      And manuka honey is my jam. πŸ™‚

  5. I don’t do anything for “pretty.” I’m not counting basic hygiene here – bathing and brushing the hair to prevent a rat’s nest. But that’s it.

    Of course, it’s *obvious* that I do nothing for pretty, so there’s that.

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    • Good read! I agree, there isn’t anything wrong with wanting to be pretty, but I do think that when that becomes something we spend more time focusing on than other qualities (health, compassion, kindness, etc.) then that’s a problem.

  7. Ha! There wasn’t an ailment known to man, my ex-girlfriend considered invulnerable to apple cider vinegar, or yoga. Then there was vegetarianism, meditation; the books by Dilpack Whatshisname, person-centered councelling, cutting out dairy … and wheat. But mostly the first one. Go beauty!

  8. Sometimes when I hear my teen daughter talk about the skin care products she likes and the clothes she thinks she needs or the fact that he has a pimple, I just look at her and say, “For God’s sake, pick up a book.”

  9. I love this… I get so fed up with everything that seems to be aimed at making women feel insecure about themselves, and trying to get them to spend a fortune to achieve an end that isn’t even that desirable. Different can be beautiful; embracing those things that make us ‘imperfect’ can make us more attractive!

  10. Yeah, resolved that a long time ago. As a teenager I never quite fit the mould (physically and behaviour wise), so struggled quite a bit with not being particularly popular and “pretty”. Not much later I found out that I was a lot stronger and, yes, more mature than all the popular princesses. At that point I was at home in jeans and Ts anyway, and it stayed like this. I spend about 5 minutes in the bathroom in the morning (same routine as my husband really, except I take 30 seconds to put on some eyeliner and tie up my hair) and 10 in the evening (including a shower). I am very happy with myself and my life, and I guess at 40 I am slowly starting to benefit from being seen as old-age-quirky for not following the high-heels-pretty-make-up-fancy-hairstyle regiment.

    Wonderful post, and congratulations on your epiphany. Life has so many more important things in store that chasing an idolised “pretty”. Enjoy!

  11. “Pretty” is ok in moderation, but “Fuck Pretty” sounds like a good motto for those bad days! How about every time you do something for the sake of “pretty,” tack on doing something else for the sake of some other quality?
    For example, I send out good vibes to the universe while applying blush (compassionate!) and I invent new swear words during hair removal (interesting!). Hehe.

  12. I loved this post! You’re very right. We’ve all become obsessed with being externally beautiful and neglected the people we really are!
    I struggle with the whole idea of being pretty as well. The dieting bit I especially relate to! I always seem to think thin is pretty, and criticize myself harshly when I don’t fit the mold!
    Anyway, I’ll definitely be following this blog πŸ™‚

  13. By who’s definition of “pretty” do we do all this crap to ourselves? Because women I consider pretty probably do not fit in with someone else’s definition. An impossible ideal that so many of us try and meet. And it’s impossible because it changes depending on the person observing. I’m with you – confident and healthy is a much more concrete and static goal to strive for!

  14. I spend a lot of time on “pretty”, but I do it for my own reasons and usually consider myself immune to this problem. But on the flip side, I have a sweet seven-year-old cousin who was over the moon when her Mom let her borrow a lipstick (only at home, only on the weekends). I hate to think of her struggling with pretty in the years to come!

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  16. I was always too lazy to do things for “pretty”. I brush my hair and bathe a couple of times a week. That’s it. Never had any issues over it.

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