Let’s Leave Genitalia Out Of This.

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People of the human being persuasion!

I have a request that, quite frankly, I can’t believe I even have to make, but I do and so here we are.

Can we please leave our genitalia out of arguments/disagreements/differences of opinion? For example, if you prefer mayonnaise and I prefer mustard, that does not mean that I should call you a “dick” or you should call me a “cunt.” It is not our genitalia that are informing those opinions, it is our tastebuds.

Let’s take it further. If you are anti-marriage equality and I am pro-marriage equality, it does not make sense for you to threaten to shoot my vagina or for me to threaten to chop off your penis. It is our brains that are at an impasse, not our sex organs.

What I’m trying to say is, let’s leave genitalia out of this. I don’t think with my vagina and you don’t think with your penis. Let’s stop reducing each other to our sex organs, ok? We’re so much more.

– Mae

18 thoughts on “Let’s Leave Genitalia Out Of This.

  1. Since I’m pretty much in love with Wil Wheaton’s catchphrase, “Don’t be a dick,” I’m not sure if I’l be able to abandon the genitalia-slang entirely…but I should definitely cut down on it. You’re right; sex bits don’t really have much to do with any discussion–unless it’s about sex bits. And doing so only adds more fuel to the ever-burning MRA flame of: “well you call us dicks, so we get to call you cunts! RIGHT???”

    • Haha- trust me, this has been no easy task for me either. Growing up, my sister and I frequently referred to each other as “penisy penises” so…yeah. But, I agree this definitely takes some fuel out of the fire, if we just leave genitalia out of our arguments/discussion.

      • Haha! Penisy penises. XD Sorry, I love that. TBH, I think a lot of my dick humor is misplaced teenage rebellion. My dad is EXTREMELY uncomfortable with anything involving male genitalia. So whenever he’s not around, I probably enjoy making dick jokes and comments a lot more than I should. But, at the same time, I feel very uncomfortable with a lot of the slang for female genitals…and I’ve never really been able to parse the two. Maybe I just need to hang up the dick humor for good. (Or at least, the majority of it…)

  2. I call people Asshole a lot….does that count?? Usually it’s just because they’re being a dick. 🙂

    I would also like to get “bitch” taken out. While it’s not genitalia, I am not a dog. I do not have fur or walk on 4 legs. Maybe, if someone calls me that again, I will just call them a random animal back. “Stop being a bitch!” “Well, I wish you wouldn’t be a bruin.”

    • Seconded on “bitch”! I am no fan of that word.

      I think asshole is ok, because everyone has one, so it can’t be gender specific.

  3. I do find it pretty funny when someone uses the word “tit” as a name-calling device. Then again, that has more to do with how it sounds phonetically than the meaning. Otherwise, bravo! Couldn’t agree more.

  4. Thanks for addressing this. I think that you don’t have to possess a penis to make a valid point either. Perhaps someone should start a movement……:) I’m a new blogger…’Common Sense Mama’..shameless plug. Please come and check it out and submit questions. My Minions are bored.

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