Ok, I Believe Now. A Bad Haircut Can Ruin Your Life.

Ok, maybe not your life, but it can ruin your many days/weeks/months until your hair grows out.

I used to think that ladies who got a bad haircut and freaked out about it and cried and lamented their choice to cut were kind of silly. I mean, it’s hair. It grows out. Surely there is a satisfactory way to style that bad haircut until it grows out. I thought those ladies were ridiculous and vain. How very very wrong I was.

You see, a couple weeks ago, I decided I needed a change. A hair change. I was bored to tears with my straight shoulder length hair. And bangs! I needed bangs! Bangs and choppy layers would make me look like Alexa Chung no doubt, so I went to my favorite stylist plopped down in her chair unafraid of the massive cutting that was headed my hair’s way and waiting to transform into Alexa Chung.  AND IT LOOKED LIKE SHIT. Shitty shitty shit shit. And I hated it. And I felt ugly. And I felt miserable.

Screen Shot 2013-02-25 at 3.27.04 PM

It felt a LOT like this. Except she had better hair.

And then I felt really sorry for thinking all those other girls had been silly, because silly or not, that shit stings the ego. I went from feeling cute to ugly in about 30 minutes. Just like that. And yes, it upset me. And that’s ok. It’s ok to feel really shitty about a bad haircut, it’s not silly or vain, it’s a legitimate feeling and I am very much in favor of FEELING YOUR FEELINGS. So, ladies who I previously silently judged, I apologize. Sincerely. Because that shit came back to me all karma-like.

It took me all of one day to go back and get a new haircut. And I don’t love this one either but it’s a lot better than the first and after all, it will grow out, so there is a light at the end of the bad haircut tunnel.

– Mae


41 thoughts on “Ok, I Believe Now. A Bad Haircut Can Ruin Your Life.

  1. Ouch 😦 Situations like this I, sadly, always go back to that episode of Sabrina the Teenage Witch where one of them got a bad haircut and her mantra was “hair grows”. It works!

    Went through something similar when I was growing my hair out from it’s pixie style hair style. It was in the horrible in between stage, went to get it tidied up and walked out with a mullet. A mullet I didn’t realise I had until a day later. Like you, I rushed back to the stylist to get that shit sorted.


  2. bad haircuts are the worst! I was sufficiently traumatized to end up a terminal hippie…:) My trick is this: never let a woman cut your hair. (and don’t process or dye your hair, either, obviously) They always try to do the same effed up thing they’ve done to their hair, since misery loves company. Harsh as peroxide–but true!

      • I have given up on salons completely. Women or men as the stylist didn’t matter. They think they know better than you how you should have your hair cut. They forget they are providing a service where the objective is to make the customer happy so you get repeat business and recommendations to friends. Referrals build business. Less than 2% of these hair pros last past two years. Then they move on to driving buses, cashiers, fast food or secretarial positions. That is what my sister-in-law and her friends who had plans of exciting careers as stylists are doing now. My boyfriend cuts my hair for me and does a great job. He wants me to look good and he does exactly what I ask him to do. Never have gotten a bad haircut from him. My sister-in-law cut mine once years ago. It was FREE, but oh I paid for it in tears and bad hair days for months.
        My advice, train your guy to cut your hair for you, if he is secure enough about his manhood, and you won’t have horror stories of being victimized by terrible stylists.
        BTW, Charron I love your hair, it is so pretty 🙂
        I too am growing mine out, long hair rocks.

  3. I feel for you! I cried the day my hair was cut WRONG so bad it couldn’t be fixed.
    I showed the lady the cut I wanted out of a hair style book. She started at the back (like most of them do). It wasn’t until she was on the sides that I realized she was LOOKING AT THE WRONG PICTURE!
    Who in their right minds puts a pixie cut picture next to sassy bob, I’ll never know or understand.

    I couldn’t fix the mistake and had to wait for it to grow out. WORST EXPERIENCE EVER!

  4. Awww, this made me feel sad. I remember my least favorite haircut. My mom talked me into getting some kind of pixie-like thing when I was about 10 years old. I was a tish overweight and had big plastic framed glasses. A pixie cut was not a good look for me. The sad thing is, I didn’t even recognize how awful I looked until the other kids told me. That year I was known as “The Bear.” I’ll never forget that Patrick Kuznia on the bus, yelling out, “Look at Melissa! She looks like a Bear!” It wasn’t even really mean. It was just…truth. Mem’ries: you brought them back.

    • Oh no! I’m so sorry to make you feel sad, I promise that wasn’t my intention. Cheer up! At least you’re not “the bear” anymore! Although, personally, I’ve always thought bears were exceptionally majestic and badass creatures. 🙂

  5. I am going to my stylist today because I need a hair change too! But I am not doing a cut, just color. I have not dyed my hair in 5 years. Let’s see how this turns out. I’ve had some awesome experience and some really terrible ones. Sorry about your hair flop!

  6. Aw, Mae. That sucks. I’m so very sorry. Feel your feelings. On the up side, I think people are most creative when they work within constraints, so you’ll probably cook up some pretty fabulous hair styles in the interim.

    My hair stylist has a style that runs completely orthogonal to my own, but I generally give her carte blanche. I’ve had some really interesting cuts—some easier to look at than others—but they have all eventually worked.

  7. Mae 😦 I know how you feel right now so I am not even going to say “It’s hair, it will grow back”. I remember spending hours in the shower crying over bad haircuts. You know that awful moment, after you take a shower and all those wonderful styling products that your stylist put in your hair gets washed away and all you are left with, are those lonely strands of hair? Yes, that awful moment. But don’t worry, I’m sure YouTube and some intuitive use of styling tools will help you look cute again 🙂

  8. It’s awful! It took me 6 months to wave the white flag and admit I had a bad haircut and realize I needed to go short to start over again. I’m surprisingly happy with the turnout, but I’ll be glad when my hair is long again.

  9. Oh, Mae. I totally sympathise. I’ve had rotten hair cuts in the past. I usually work on the theory that I have a good hat collection and it will grow back, but lately a hat collection has not soothed my woes and it’s not growing back as fast as I would like. I’ve had all sorts of hair cuts in the past from long to short, undercuts (wtf!!! That one lasted all of two weeks… after it had been dyed bright purple, and the top, longer hair, green), to bleached, to pink, blue, white, black, Bettie Page style fringe (or bangs, as you so fondly call it.

    But wait for it – you will freak out at this. I am going to shave my head in two weeks time. Yep, I’m not crazy. I’m going to be raising money for cancer research and patient support. Like I said, I have had rotten hair cuts, and the past two really sucked. So, while my hair is still short and awful, I will cut it ALL off for a cause. I will then bleach it and frost the ends hot pink (well, at this stage, this is the plan). I will wear huge, funky, chunky earrings and rock my hair style. There will be NO Brittney Spears here! I will ROCK it!

    Then it will grow back and I can start all over again but this time, hopefuly I will have discovered a brilliant stylist in Canberra, not just shitty, awful ones who claim to have been cutting hair for twelve years, where, instead, the appropriate adjective should be massacring.

    Good luck with your new hair cut, hun. It will grow back and before you know it, this will be a distant nightmare. xo

    p.s. here is a link for my blog post about WHY I am losing my locks.


    • SO inspiring! Thank you so much for sharing! It really put my terrible haircut into perspective. Make sure you let us know after you shave your head! I would love love love to see it! HUGS!

  10. It could be worse 🙂 I once put ‘sun in’ in my hair and it turned carrot top orange! I had to wait a day to get it fixed, so I had to go to work with orange hair! I had no one to blame, I did it to myself.

  11. My hair is thinning, so most haircuts just look bad on me. I should just take the plunge and shave it all off, but I don’t have the physique for it. Yikes.

    • I’m sure you’ll figure something out. Also, maybe just take the plunge you might be surprised how good it looks on you!

  12. Oh I hear you! I had my hair cut a couple of years ago and I can’t seem to get it to grow back yet! I used to have beautiful long blonde hair that fell straight down my back. I cut it to just about shoulder length a couple of years ago. Now I’m seriously struggling to get it grow any longer than just below shoulder length lol! I went through a bleach blonde phase that I’m having a break from as my hair was actually breaking off. I decided to go a bonkers orange colour. Not ginger – orange. I love the colour and people tell me I rock it, but it fades so quickly to a weird patchy messed-up ginger/blonde that I’m having to redye it every week or so in order to keep it looking normal. I’m still coming up with a strategy to go back to a manageable colour.
    I wish I had a restart button on my hair 😦

    • I’ve wished for a re-start button on hair many a time! To keep your hair from breaking off, because trust me, I’ve been every color under the sun many a time, I do a deep condition with coconut oil once a week. Just slather coconut oil on my hair and leave it on for several hours- it’s helped loads! Also, I’ve heard eating gelatin helps make hair stronger but I’ve never tried it….

  13. When I was about 12 I decided I wanted a side fringe (you can probably tell where this is going). I got it done at a hairdressers but didn’t like how it looked, for some reason I wanted it to be more of a slant, more choppy etc – I don’t really know what I was thinking at the time. So I persuaded them to keep hacking away at it. I soon discovered that hair that short literally does not stay down and woke up every morning resembling a cockatoo. I went through about 6 months having an alice band glued to my head just to keep the thing down. Basically, I can sympathize big time with this post.

  14. I went to my favorite Indonesian (non-English speaking) stylist the other day and said “Just take it all. I’m sure.” We were both super nervous through out the entire cut and we were both equally relieved when it came out awesome. I’m seriously considering taking on the legal and financial burden that would come with bringing this wizard back to the USA with me as my life long personal stylist.

  15. I feel you! I bleached my long red hair for Halloween two years ago because I decided I was going to take my Sucker Punch’s Baby Doll costume to the next level (and because the wigs from Halloween stores were so not up to par). And because I’m cheap, I purchased two hair dyeing kits from a drugstore. For the first week, all was well until my hair started getting hopelessly dry and bird’s nest-y. No amount of conditioning or straightening could help. So my next intelligent move? Let my semi-drunk inexperienced boyfriend cut my waist-length hair into an A-line, something he’s always fantasized about me having. That didn’t help. I thought cutting would take out the fried ends. Hah! I ended up going to an actual parlor (my first time in 3 years) to have the wonky A-line fixed. Then I colored my hair back to my original dark brown. It took a year of Brazilian blowouts and leaving my roots alone until I have what I have now: wavy, healthy, slightly-past-the-shoulder-length hair. Never dyeing or letting drunk people cut my hair again. That bad hair ruined an entire year.

  16. I made a mistake by going to a cheap salon for haircut yesterday. I usually spend $70-$100 for a haircut in Japanese salon, the person i go to has gone back to Japan. I was in need to search a new person, my friend recommendation me this guy who is in Chiantown and charge $28 for a haircut. It was a huge mistake!! The haircut looked OK in the salon, not outstanding but acceptable. After a shower this morning, I realised there were uneven layers in my hair. After drying my hair, I even discovered two sides of my hair don’t pair up. I was so upset! I wanted to go back to have him fix it. I spent 5 mins to cool down myself, I decided not going back to him as I don’t trust his technique! I have important dates / plans coming up, my birthday is just around the corner….I am debating if I should find a person to fix it or just let it grow a little bit….

  17. Oh my goodness, this has just happened to me. I am feeling *terrible*. I was growing out my pixie cut- it had just reached that ‘starting to go mullety’ stage, so I thought a little trim wont hurt. How wrong I was! I found myself a cheap as chips cut and colour deal on Wahanda in a middle of nowhere salon that had AMAZING reviews. I’m trying to cut costs at the moment (having a baby) so thought I was being clever. Ummm, yeah. The salon was so dated, alarm bells should have been ringing as soon as I walked in. None rang. To cut a long story short, the highlights I were given have fried my hair (which I’ve been keeping natural recently to try and restore health to) and I look like a zebra/leopard. The back is so spotty and odd! The chap who then cut my hair massacred it. Trim my ass. It’s gone crazy. I am feeling so blue about this- mainly because I was trying to save money like a good girl and it’s blown up in my face. I wish I had just done my usual and gone and spent the money and walked out feeling beautiful. I feel like a scarecrow. I will keep reminding myself that it will grow! Rant over!

  18. My hair seriously ruined my high school years and graduation. so in 10th grade my hair was shoulder length and i wanted it to be below my chest so bad so i decided to wait till it grows out. i have a very thick beautiful hair. then in 11th grade when my hair started growing out (but it wasn’t below my chest) my friend convinced me to cut my hair claiming that “long hair looks ugly on you” and she convinced me to cut it to a pixie haircut. i never cared what ppl say and to be honest i knew long hair looks beautiful on me, anyway i called my other friend thinking that she’d convince me to keep my hair but she said that “short hair looks better you have to cut it” and me being a stupid jerk i actually did cut it. THEN I SUFFERED FOR 3 YEARS. my hair looked like shit in 11th grade and in my graduation party in 12th grade i didn’t look my best. i spent my first year in college only slicking my hair cuz it was all layered and thick and out of place. Now thank God im in my 2nd year of college and finally its armpit length. And know whats the worst part is? The same friend that told me that “long hair looks ugly on you” i was talking to her and she was like “you know what would look perfect on you? LONG HAIR! cuz you have a very thick hair and its so beautiful if its long its gonna look gorgeous on you” SERIOUSLY? im not blaming her for cutting my hair i mean i should’ve not given a damn what she thought but it just sucks and im blaming myself…

  19. I hope your hairs all grown out now, just had a bad cut now waiting for it to grow back 😦 Bad haircuts completely ruin your self esteem!!

  20. I have had a whole year of hair disasters, from bad to worse and continuing. Back in November last year I had my hair cut into a long bob, but the back was too full, after a month my dark roots had come through so I thought I would just lighten them myself – big mistake, they went orange of course. I went to a new place to see if they could toe the roots and cut some weight out of the back of the bob, the toner turned my blonde hair white and the roots went brighter orange, the cut was ok. I got fixated on the roots so tried to lighten them again at home, suffice to say this did not go well and I melted a patch of my hair off, so was left with a gap and a patch of hair about 5 cm long in shoudler length hair. I was wearing it wavy at the time so could disguise it ok. I left it for 8 weeks then returned to my usual hairdresser, begging her to help me even out the colour. She put in foils and a toner and I lost another patch of hair, 8 weeks wasn’t enough time obviously. I waited again for 10 weeks this time, went to a hairdresser I used to go to years ago, she coloured it fine, but the cut was dated, after a few weeks I thought a fringe would be in order but of course cut it too short, it looked terrible. After it grew out ( as well as the roots) I went back, and got the base colour a bit darker with some lighter foils throughout, the apprentice left the coulour on too long and it came out dark brown, she said come back the next day and she’d put more foils in, she did and more hair melted off, I ended up with a scooped out section in the side of my hair. Fast forward 10 weeks, I brave a new salon, she colours the roots and puts a gloss on the ends, more hair dissolves, the ends are fried and the the length is all over the place. In the middle of the night I cut off a huge chunk that was flipping the wrong way, I messed it up and ended up with a chunky hank on the side of my head. A friend came and tidied up the back and cut it into a graduated short bob, which was ok after I got used to it, but it needed trimming as th back had grown even with the front, so I try for the last time a new place, asking for a simple tidy up, keep the back shorter and the front longer, my fringe had grown to a nice length. He dedided to just trim it all over and cut my fringe into some supposed side sweeping thing but the centre of it is now about 3cm long, the chunk is still there, length is not graduated and I look like a little biy as it is super short , the layers are still chunky as he trimmed them, it is the worst haircut I have ever ever had, I know there wasn;t much to start with but he couldn’t have made it look any worse. I am afraid to go out. I can;t wear a hat to work, and headbands look silly, as do bobby pins as my cowlicks don’t work with them. I am 44, I just hope 2015 brings me some new hair and a new perspective. I also thnk I have Body dysmorphia as I fixate on a aprt of my hair and imagine that when it is cut properly everything will be different, but it never is and I never learn. I am so very down, sorry this is such a long post, my frinds are so sick and tired of haring of my hair disasters.

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