I’m A Green Beauty Newbie and I’m Afraid I Smell Bad

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I’ve recently thrown out all my previous staple beauty products in favor or chemcial-free, non-toxic- non-zombie creating beauty products. I believe the kids call this “green beauty”. It was difficult for me to let go of a lot of my previous beauty loves (Benefit mascara, Buxom blush, and NARS lipstick to name a few (tear) ), but after spending many long hours doing research (because I’m a nerd like that) I came to the conclusion that I had to, nay wanted to, for the health and well-being of myself and also my future babays, but since they’re ages away mostly myself.

So, I did it. I purged away all the chemicals. Not just in my make-up but in my body wash, shampoo, conditioner, face wash, moisturizers, and just about anything else I put on my skin on a daily basis. This included deodorant. Because the research on aluminum is so scary that the thought of putting it in my armpit (which, admittedly is an area of my body I don’t care that much about) was like the thought of injecting myself with some sort of zombie virus. So, I travelled the very short distance to the nearest Whole Foods (I do live in Austin, TX the WF mecca after all) and bought a deodorant that I had spent a lot of time reading the reviews of and made sure contained no nasty chemicals.

And it didn’t work. And it burned my armpit skin, which, by the way, HURTS LIKE HELL. Seriously, the “this won’t give you all kinds of horrible diseases and fill your body with icky toxins” deodorant BURNED MY ARMPIT SKIN!!??

What a world, what a world. Amiright?

So, I tried another natural deodorant. And it burned me. I did more research and tried another. And it burned me. Then, I spent an extraordinary amount of time online researching and found one that a lot of green beauty experts seem to swear by. And it didn’t burn me. And it seems to work. I mean, I don’t think I smell bad. But I am living in constant fear that I will start smelling very badly. Like maybe at a certain point it just won’t work anymore. So, I smell my armpits about 10 times a day, which is 10 more times than I used to. Β And even though the stanky stank that dare not say it’s name, hasn’t happened yet, I am still afraid it will.

So, yes, I’m into to green beauty. And yes, I can already tell a major improvement in my skin. But also, I’m afraid I smell bad like everyday. So, trade-offs I guess.

– Mae

36 thoughts on “I’m A Green Beauty Newbie and I’m Afraid I Smell Bad

  1. Well least you have a pretty good and satisfying reason for maybe smelling bad – you’re doing the world and your body a favour. So if anyone does tell you you smell bad, just shove that in their face and see what happens.

  2. The worst thing about smelling bad is your always the last to know. I had a freid use that kind of deodorant, of course he was also hairy like a monkey; but yeah, he always smelled like old dog ass.

  3. There is a reason for everything you go through, and the reason you went through “burning like HELL” is so you could spare the rest of us the agony. I thank you from the bottom of my heart for sacrificing yourself. What brand was the deodorant that DIDN’T burn you?

  4. Yes, please share the names of the deodorants! I’m on a similar quest, and it’s tough! Beware, many of them purporting to be natural are just as nasty, though.

    • Soapwalla! That’s the one I use now and I love it! I’ve also heard that if you mix coconut oil and shea butter it works really well.

  5. Mae, that doesn’t sound good at all!!!!! I used, for many years, crystal salt deoderant. It’s like a pretty block of glass (no sharp edges – unless you drop it on the floor!) that you have to stick under the tap then rub on your armpits. It works well with feet, too. Only problem is, you are best off starting this in winter as it takes a couple of weeks to take good effect. The advantage is that you can then wear your favourite perfume without concern that the fruity notes of your perfume clash badly with the musky notes of your b.o. killer. πŸ˜€ (and, of course, you are not putting aluminum under your arms).

  6. I am taking baby steps in this area, I admire your courage in chucking it all out. I like Earth Goddess Minerals for most of my makeup but I have to ask what do you use for mascara? Oh and hairspray what do use for that? This was a great post πŸ™‚

  7. I stopped using deodorants for the sane reason when I was eighteen and now, ten years later, and still a deodorant-shunner, I am fine. If I do a lot of physical exercise, I sweat, but then that’s only natural, I think. Day to day, it makes Jo difference that I don’t use it.

  8. I had a somewhat similar problem. Tom’s unscented (aluminum free) and Kiss My Face unscented are both very effective and very mild, with no burn. (Kiss My Face is a little harder to roll on. It is stickier.)

  9. I’m interested to know what some of the facts were that made you decide whole-heartedly to go green? I’ve often contemplated it in a “chemicals are bad” way and therefore, “chemicals on my skin are bad” way – but never actually looked into it. Maybe I need to do some research like you to jump the fence, although it is almost as daunting as going vegetarian, which is another thing I agree with in principle but just need to be pushed over the edge (of meat eating)…

  10. I did the same thing last year when I was pregnant. LUSH Cosmetics were my savior!! They’re a little on the expensive side, but they are delicious, organic and some of the stuff is actually vegan. The only thing that DIDN’T work was the deodorant. I’ll have to give this Soapwalla a try. Thanks for sharing!

  11. So true! I’m just starting to explore the world of natural beauty, my first ordered deodorant is on the way, and I’m already scared πŸ˜‰ Well, I’m sure it will work out fine, otherwise I’ll try yours πŸ™‚ bookmarking you!

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