Unpleasant Truth: Dating Will Always Suck

Picture it- you’re 90 years old and living in an active senior living community, you’re widowed but lead a very active and happy lifestyle. You meet a nice widower who lives in your community, you become friends, you become friends who hold hands, you become friends who kiss, you spend all your free time together, you meet his kids and grandkids, he meets your kids and grandkids. It’s lovely. You’re the happiest you’ve been in years and this friendship/companionship/whatever it is makes you feel 30 years younger. Then, one day, he comes over to your apartment and tells you he is in love with someone else and moving across town to her active senior living community.


Seriously y’all. I spend a lot of time at my grandparent’s active senior living community and the dating dynamics there are almost identical to the dating dynamics of people my age. Single and dating seniors have DTRs and label their relationships as “it’s complicated”. What. The. Hell. I thought relationships would be loads easier at that age. At least, I thought everyone would approach them more maturely. Not so! My grandmother has literally played go-between for flirting guys and gals in order to set them up.  People are using each other for sex and nothing more, which I have to admit, I’m a bit impressed by. But, I’m still absolutely shocked at the confusion, lust, and angst that go on in their relationships.

I’m shocked because it was my sincerest wish that dating would get easier when we got older because we would be more mature evolved human beings. Not so. Not so at all. Dating will always suck the life force from us and turn strong passionate women into tearful balls of confusion and centered mature men into lusty balls of indecision. Or vice verse. I’ve seen some of those precious older men have their hearts broken by wanton jezebels as well.  My point is, people who tell you that dating is better when you’re older is a liar liar pants on fire. Do NOT believe them.

19 thoughts on “Unpleasant Truth: Dating Will Always Suck

  1. THANK YOU, for forewarning us. I remember being 6 years old and having that boy I like push me down in the playground and as I was left with tears running down my face, I consoled myself in the fact that “this too shall pass… Dating will be lots better 20 years from now”). Guess what? It sucks more now then it did then… If this upward trajectory of “sucking” continues, it’ll suck more when I’m 90 then it does now… damn.

    • I hate to be the bearer of bad news but….it’s definitely bad news. Dating will always suck although I still hope it doesn’t end up sucking more and just stays at the same level of suckage.

  2. LOL that’s kind of gross. Old people being huge players. Ewww 😛 I guess it’s more of a reason to do so, though – there isn’t too much to offer of “the rest of your life” to spend with one person.

  3. Oh, crap. And I thought things would get better. Although, I may be on a flat line trajectory instead of a downhill, since things aren’t that great right now either.

    Well, forewarned is forearmed! 🙂

  4. Really enjoyed reading this 😉 it’s sad and cute at the same time to imagine these oldsies having such active dating lives… I’d say, it keeps them far from boredom!

  5. Hi just wanted to give you a brief heads up and let
    you know a few of the pictures aren’t loading properly. I’m not sure why
    but I think its a linking issue. I’ve tried it in two different browsers and both show the same results.

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