Sunglasses and Lipstick

sunglasses and lipstick

If you’re like me and you stayed up too late on a work night reading The Hunger Games for a second time just so it would be fresh in your memory for the midnight showing you’re going to on Thursday and then right when you finally go to sleep a giant thunderstorm hits and it sounds like Revolutionary War cannons are aimed right at your apartment and for a second you think it means the British are coming and then you remember it’s 2012 and people don’t really use cannons anymore but it doesn’t matter because it’s now 2am and you can’t sleep through this racket, what you really need the next morning is a good excuse to not go to work and sleep all day but because you’re responsible you go to work and in order to make yourself presentable you need two things:

1. Sunglasses. Wear them. They hide all manner of facial woes. Obviously you can’t wear them inside (unless you want rumors of your vampirism to start) so swap them out for a great pair of eyeglasses when you’re indoors. Sunglasses are best but I’ve found great success in using my eyeglasses to hide black as night under-eye circles.

2. A stellar lipstick. It’s like magic. A great shade of lipstick wakes up your entire face and makes you look way fresher than you feel. As my Grandmother always puts it “Lipstick makes you look alive even when you feel like death.” Β True story, she has been wearing the same lipstick shade for like 40 years, so she obviously knows what she’s talking about.

Here’s another true story, despite looking like a zombie at work today I got two compliments on my lipstick and one on my glasses. It’s all about giving them a little razzle dazzle to distract them from the fizzle fazzle that is my face after no sleep. It’s like the bend and snap, it works every time. πŸ˜‰

Coincidently, the sunglasses and lipstick trick also works if you’re hungover.

12 thoughts on “Sunglasses and Lipstick

  1. LOVE THIS! Also, If your dilemma is the latter of the two (the hangover) and you find yourself in a quandary wearing the same clothes as the day before, just throw on a sweater and a belt and VIOLA *new outfit* (gets ’em every time)! I learned this one from a sorority sister back in the day… although not a common practice anymore (well, not AS common).

  2. I would add a solid bun and a shitload of hairspray to that list. And I love you’re grandma’s quote. Wise woman.

    That storm rolled through Austin Monday night – SO FREAKING LOUD. I wanted to die.

  3. I do the exact same thing with lipstick….on a non-hungover day. If I ‘pop’ my lips with a great shade then I tone down the eye makeup. Vice versa…if I ‘pop’ my eyes with great color then I tone down the lips. And who can deny a sexy librarian with the eyeglasses.
    And for the smokey bar you may have had last night, you could definitely use Febreeze on your hair and drink a virgin bloody Mary or a mineral water. I wish Febreeze would come up with a hair line and I wish we could purchase multivitamin I.V. bags OTC to perk up after a long time. I would totally do it.

  4. If only I had known this trick while I was at university, when I was hungover a lot of the time. Some good tricks I did use were wearing an extravagant hair accessory (like a flower), to take the attention away from the vision that is my face, or wearing a really smart jacket to fool people, because there’s no chance a girl in a smart jacket could be hungover in her lecture. Of course.

  5. I think I’ll be getting comments of a different variety if I wear lipstick to work.

    Though having gone through several sleepless nights (been animating a dancing robot for a friend’s concert), I also feel like death right about now.

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