The Holy Grail of Face Wash

Say yes to tomatoes

Usually, I try to write something snarky, feministy, or astute on this blog. Unfortunately, I spent the weekend around a confirmed demon cat (I’ll tell you that story another time) and seeing as how I am very VERY allergic to cats, I’ve not been able to have one snarky, feministy, or astute thought in days because I’ve sneezed them all out. So, instead of something funny or thought-provoking, I thought I might just share one of my beauty secrets with you. And by “beauty secret” I just mean really awesome product that works really awesomely.

Here’s a shocker, when I was a teenager, I had acne. (I’ll pause for a collective gasp). It wasn’t so bad that I had to take hard-core medication but it was bad enough that my dermatologist gave me a prescription cream for it. Sure, I could blame the acne on the fact that I played tennis practically everyday and that makes a girl sweaty and sweat makes you break-out, but if I’m being really truly honest, I had acne even when I wasn’t playing tennis everyday. And I loathed it. All I ever wanted was clear, beautiful, glowy skin. When most girls were doing whatever most girls do, I was ransacking every cosmetic counter at the mall looking for two things.

1. The magic cure for my acne.

2. A good cover-up for when the magic cure didn’t work.

Seriously y’all, I tried everything. I tried every brand, every product, every anything that might possibly help. I took herbs. I stopped wearing make-up. I washed my face twenty times a day, at least I did until someone told me that was why I had acne, so I started only washing my face once a day. And you know something? After all that, I still had acne. Not all over my face but a few zits here and there was enough to drive me crazy. Zits were my enemy and they were winning the war big time. The only hope I could cling to was that when I turned 20 and officially ended my teen years all my zit problems would disappear. But they didn’t. Sure, my skin was a lot clearer and I had more days without zits than I did with zits, but I still got them frequently enough to feel as though my skin wasn’t really truly clear and it sure as hell wasn’t glowy. I had pretty much given up the search for the perfect combination of cleanser, exfoliator, and moisturizer and faced the reality that for me, perfect skin just wasn’t going to happen, until….

On a whim, I bought a new cleanser for my face mostly because I liked the packaging. Sure, I had a half-full bottle of another type of cleanser in my shower but what’s life without whimsy? So, I bought it and started using it immediately without even giving that half-full bottle of just ok cleanser another look. And guess what? I’m zit free! My skin has never been clearer and while it may not be quite as glowy as J. Lo’s, I can live with that. It’s soft and clear and actually pretty nice looking. Would you like to know what cleanser I bought? Well too bad if you don’t because I’m going to tell you anyway. It’s called Say Yes To Tomatoes and it’s mostly natural and smells quite nice and I don’t even really care that much about those things because it keeps my skin clear and for the first time in who knows how long, I actually like how my skin looks and even better it costs less than $10 a bottle. So, basically, I finally found the holy grail of skin cleansers and it’s called Say Yes To Tomatoes. The acne prone teenager in me is finally at peace.

Do you have any special products you love? Let’s not keep secrets people…

22 thoughts on “The Holy Grail of Face Wash

  1. I have the absolute worst cuticles you’ll ever see. My fingers are always scabbed up and bleeding and sore and terribly gross. And I don’t chew them, and I put lotion on when I wash my hands faithfully. In addition to that, I’ve tried all sorts of products for it. Nothing ever works!
    Well I love e.l.f. They have awesome products for cheap. So I decided I’m going to give this $1 cuticle pen a try. IT’S AMAZING! It’s made like a marker, and I just carry it in my purse and use it on me as I notice something screwy going on. Definitely something worth trying if you have the hands of a male contruction worker as I…

  2. I will have to search this out! I have struggled with acne for years…simmilar to yours it sounds like. Not awful but always there. I love my Clarisonic though…that has made a HUGE difference in the past year!

    • I have heard great things about the clarisonic! It’s supposed to be good for achieving that glowy look, have you noticed more glow? Because I am on a never-ending search for the glow.

  3. I’m going to try it!! What about for wrinkles??? I need that too! ahhhh

    My problem was always frizzy hair. So my hair recommendation is Moroccan oil brand hair oil. It’s a blue bottle and you have to go to a salon to buy it but it’s AMAZING!! I have silky shinny hair after using it and then blow drying. It’s perfect for flyaways. UGh! I sound like a commercial. They should pay me.

    • I hope you like it! Wrinkle wise I use Oil of Olay Night Cream and Overnight Eye Cream before bed and I use their sensitive skin formula with SPF for day wear. I’m only 26 but I use it religiously- sort of like a preemptive strike on wrinkles. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  4. Thanks for the advice, Mae! I’ll try it. My big prob. is baggy eyes, especially when I wake up in the morning. Like you with the acne cures, I’ve tried everything for my eye bags, and I mean everything. The best thing I’ve found so far is a product from a small company called MyChelle Dermaceuticals (yes, I spelled it correctly) and the product is their Fabulous Eye Cream. Their products are natural, vegan and gluten-free. I really love this stuff…

    • Nice! I struggle with under-eye circles no matter how much sleep I get, and if I didn’t get much sleep it looks like someone punched me in the eye so I’m always looking for eye creams.

  5. Feminine. Feminist. Zits. Tennis. Moisturizers, exfoliants and beauty secrets and tips. And finally tomatoes. Cute..icles too oh yeah. Complicated. I mostly eat tomatoes. But I want to be sympathetic and supportive.

  6. I’ve been trying out Bio oil to help with those dreaded acne scars for a while now and while I can’t see a big difference, my mum (whom I see every few months) says my skin looks brighter and the scars are less. It’s one of those long haul products, but it’s working.

    This is a random one, but for my elbows and heels of the feet I use emulsifying ointment in the morning and evening. Keeps them from getting all horrible and cracked up.

    Oh and I’m in my late 20s and my skin still hates me too.

    • Sometimes those long-term products are the best because the results last so much longer- unfortunately, I’m not a particularly patient person so I struggle with them. Glad to hear its working for you though! I may have to check it out.

      I’m the same with my heels and elbows! I’m kind of obsessed with having soft skin so I practically bathe in moisturizers.

      • I freak out whenever I see anyone wearing sandals or anything that exposes their heels and I just see a hideously, dry, cracked heel. I almost have a gag reflex!

  7. I went out and bought this as soon as I read this because, as of late, my skin has been going crazy. Proactiv made it worse, antibiotics haven’t been helping, but…a week into using this I’m actually seeing some improvement! Thank you so much for recommending this!

  8. Hi Mae,
    Do you order this product online or can you buy it at a local store?
    I’m interested in trying something new. I’ve been using something similar for the past two years (Burt’s Bee’s Clear Complexion Tomato Garden Soap) but I find that it’s a little drying…. and nearing 28, I feel like that’s not something you want to do to your face (even if you do have acne) because it will bring on those wonderful little things called wrinkles! I also use Olay spf 15 in the day and wrinkle cream at night. Have you ever used the Say Yes to Tomatoes face mask? I’d like to try that too. I thought I saw these products in a store at some point but I can’t remember where. I’d hate to pay for unnecessary shipping.

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