Girls Who Hate Girls Who Hate Girls

I believe in warning signs. Where there is smoke, fire is ablaze. Where there’s a siren in Kansas, tornado approaches. And where there’s a broad generalization about how all girls are bitches, there’s…a bitch.

“I just don’t get along with girls.”

You’ve heard that statement. I know you have. How do I know this? Because it is a much beloved catchphrase among a certain set. Often said with smugness, this statement is fraught with hidden meaning. It intimates that girls are catty, or that other girls have always been jealous of the speaker, or that this girl was done A Great and Terrible Wrong by female friends.The person saying this doesn’t mean she doesn’t get along with girls, she means she doesn’t like girls. She doesn’t care for half the people walking around on Earth. If you have a vagina, she’s out.

What a load of crap. This infuriates me. I wish to find a radioactive spider, if only so I could be bitten, gain superpowers, and trap people who say this in a prison of feminist rage web. While I am not the type to insist we all love each other, simply because we have matching chromosomes, I am the type to insist we not actively bash our gender.  Saying you don’t get along with girls is saying you believe gender stereotypes. Awesome. Here are just some of the opinions you have aligned yourself with:

  • Women are catty.
  • Women will do anything to land a man.
  • Women’s favorite topic of conversation: shoes. Preferably pink ones.
  • Women’s second favorite topic of conversation: men. Preferably rich ones.
  • Women are irrational, when on their period.
  • Women are dramatic.
  • Women aren’t as good at math and science.

The list goes on. I think we can all agree, these stereotypes are ridiculous. People are people. Not every woman likes shoes, just like not every man likes football. These are just traditional gender norms handed down to us by society. There’s not a single generalization you can make about the sexes that holds true. Even the ones presented by evolutionary biology don’t hold up from person to person. Not every man wants to spread his seed far and wide, nor does every woman hear a “biological clock.” So, saying that you don’t get along with a whole gender is not only awful, but ill-informed.

People, the rational ones, take others on a case-by-case basis. They don’t throw a hand out and say: “I don’t get along with people from Texas!” Even if they hate barbeque and cowboy boots, they know not everyone in Texas likes those things either. (Though, seriously, why wouldn’t you like barbeque? The mind boggles.) It must be miserable, not looking at others this way. If I seriously thought every girl was out to talk about me behind my back or steal my boyfriend, I’d probably throw myself off the nearest cliff. That’s just a lot of malice to see in the world.

Of course, I have a theory. I don’t think the women saying this believe it either. What they do believe is that saying they don’t get along with girls sets them apart from their gender. Doesn’t saying you don’t have girlfriends, because they’re catty, mean you’re implicitly not catty? They wear their gender discrimination like a badge of honor. Hating other girls means you’re above all that “drama” the rest of us supposedly live for. Well, I think it doesn’t. Saying you dislike your own gender tells me just one thing: you’re a bitch…and not in a good way.

Strewn behind this girl are the carrion of past friendships: other girls. They’re the ones who thought she was their friend, only to have her ditch them when she got a boyfriend. (“They were just jealous!”) They’re the ones who told her who they liked, only to have her go after that person the next week. (“It’s not my fault we fell in love!”) They’re the ones who suffered snide remarks over and over, until one day they couldn’t take it anymore. (“They were too sensitive!”) All too often the women saying this are the ones who actually do love female competition, as long as they win.

For most of my life, I didn’t see this. I had friends who said this all the time and I wouldn’t get it – they seemed so awesome, why did other girls mistreat them so? Each time, it took awhile, but I figured it out. Those friendships ended, because hate always furrows its way out. Thinking that all girls are evil, means you’re all too quick to throw another one of us under the bus. Now, whenever I hear those words, I hear what they really mean. I hear: Run, Grace! Run far away, as fast as your fancy red espadrilles can carry you! Because while I do love shoes, I hate drama.

– Grace

56 thoughts on “Girls Who Hate Girls Who Hate Girls

  1. I really like this post. As temping as it is to lay blame or prejudice on a whole group of people because of one or two bad experiences ( and golly isn’t that ever so fun…) It certainly does not solve any problems you have with them in the first place.

    I must say though when you find yourself in the wrong social circle, you tend to lay blame on others through sexist rather then make hard choices that involve getting out of your comfort zone and admitting your making bad choices in friendships or not connecting to people in the right way. That’s where I know previous flawed statements in that vein escaped from and why a lot of the “cattyness” relates to underlying issues many lady’s face.

    Props to spreading awareness of this though.

    • Precisely! Excellent points, LotA. It really all comes back to people are just people. One of us, even many of us, never speak for the whole views & actions of any particular subset.

  2. This reminds me of “The Bachelor.”

    I don’t like girls = I am going to be a huge bitch and then not feel bad about it… because I warned you all up front that girls don’t like me. Obvi it’s because I give off vagina repelling hormones, not because I’m a bitch. duh.

    • Yes! Yes, yes, yes! Seriously, I can’t stand more than five minutes of The Bachelor (or most reality television) for this exact reason. There is so much girl-on-girl hate, for no other reason than both parties are girls. It makes me furious.

  3. I hear you, and appreciate your remarks, but I’ve never had many female friends. I’ve never felt that I “don’t get along with women” as a whole, but I never could figure out why I didn’t have many female friends.

    I’ve been accused of trying to steal boyfriends and husbands just because I had an innocuous conversation with them; it didn’t matter that I wasn’t interested in their man, had a boyfriend or was already married at the time. I get along with guys very well, and have since grade school, therefore, much of my thinking is in alignment with how men think. Say what I mean, mean what I say. I don’t “pussyfoot” around a subject but hit it straight on – this didn’t win me female friends or accolades in High School.

    I find that as I age, more women come into my life and thankfully, they don’t let their insecurities get the best of them. Girlfriends are a good thing.

    • – I’ve had the same issues over the years: just because I spoke with someones boyfriend/husband, some women assumed I was trying to take them away or have an affair. I’ve even been accused of having affairs with men I spoke with once! This can make a woman very very cautious of other women. You might say, “stop talking to other women’s men”, but that would mean essentially never talking to men at all, unless they are gay.

      These women instinctively fear their man will stray. Afterall, the male animal is wired to create a female harem for himself. Monkeys, horses, kangaroos, lions, chickens and yes, some humans, practice this instinct of one powerful, dominant male mating with a horde of females. Some Muslims still allow 4 wives, plus extra, slave-wives. And don’t get me started on those retro-Mormons and their Sister-wives. Even if they don’t do it, men are always thinking about having sex with other women. Otherwise, explain the massive porn industry to me?

      How many cultures have celebrated women who practice polyandry (multiple husbands)? None that I can think of…

    • Thanks for the great comment, MoaAM. I actually think you illustrate one of the problems in teenage and adolescent friendships – too often girls are taught to see each other as competition. It goes back to that same feeling behind “I don’t like girls” – seeing girls not as people, but as societal norms. So, when someone is outside of those norms, the girls who think that way see them as a threat.

      Like you said, maturity usually gets rid of this where it’s present. But there are plenty of girls who never think that way and you’re a great example of one. You are definitely not who I was talking about. If anything, you had run-ins with the exact people this was geared toward.

  4. So True! I ran into a lot of those girls at school. I went into Engineering, though, so I think that probably increases the odds. Out of a measly 15% of the total students in engineering that were female, at least half felt that they had something to prove to all the boys, and that something was, “I’m totally not like those other girls.” It completely baffled me. There was a group of girls in my year who were, yes, kind of silly and very focused on the hair-makeup-partying-clothing side of life. I regularly heard nasty comments about them from the ‘i’m not like, really, a girl’ girls, insinuating that they were all fluff, and no substance. These girls showed up every day looking like they knew what end of a brush to use, dressed nicely and fully made-up (compared to sweatpants-and-zombie-eyes people like myself, lol), and they were all on the honor roll… just because they like to dress nicely, doesn’t mean they’re stupid.

    • Yes. Exactly! Lexy, that is the precise attitude that drives me crazy. As if holding up “girl” as something to be vilified and avoided at all cost. When girls, each one, are different. A girl can fit into that classic feminine mold on the outside, while still being smart and savvy and not fitting any other stereotypes. We can’t all be painted with the same brush. It just doesn’t work.

  5. I agree that most of the time, girls who claim that they “just don’t get along with other girls” really are just bitches and only like to talk to those who have something dangling between their legs.

    However, I have to say that I am one of those who “don’t get along with girls”. Perhaps it had something to do with growing up on the football field with the boys instead of on the concrete talking about Ashton Kutcher (whom I didn’t know at the time, nor for a good couple years after). Perhaps it was because my school program had us girls outnumbered 4 to 1 since the fourth grade.

    For whatever reason, I never really learned to “socialize properly” with other girls and a decade later, I’m still fumbling with my girl-girl friendships. I have met very few girls whom I am comfortable with, where I don’t feel like I’m completely lost and don’t know what to say next.

    Just want to let you know there are those of us out there who don’t (know how to) get along with other girls, but not for lack of trying, and not because we believe in gender stereotypes. 😦

    • Me too! I didn’t know how to do my hair like the other girls. I didn’t wear makeup. I tried to socialize with the other girls growing up, but never quite got the hang of it. I didn’t date until my senior year in high school, and then in college, which was a 3 to 1 ratio of male/female… I just fell into being friends with more guys again. I DID make female friends, but they were all in engineering and fell into the “misfit” category as myself.

      • Pearl and Muse, if anything, I feel like y’all are examples of what I meant by saying gender stereotypes don’t hold true. Every girl/woman is different. It makes sense that being outside the social norm might one might run into trouble with people who lift it up on a pedestal, but it also makes sense that you both eventually found people to fit in with. It’s not that you don’t get along with girls. It’s that you just needed to find the girls who complement you as friends. I feel, and have always felt, that makeup and clothes and hair have nothing to do with being a girl. A “misfit” is just as much of a girl as the prom queen. That’s why painting us all with the same brush is so irrational.

        Thank you both so much for the wonderful and thought-provoking comments. I’m sorry my diatribe wasn’t as clear as it should have been on who I was targeting.

        • On that note, maybe one of you lovely spinsters can tell us why men love bitches? I’m sure more than many of us have seen such couples and wonder why. I think it would make a very interesting read!

  6. I adore this post because I can relate to that instant feeling of trepidation when a woman (or girl) says “I just don’t get along with women (or girls.” Immediately, I wonder exactly what she thinks she is, exactly.

    Once that thought has occurred to me, I just as quickly remember a goat I once met that thought it was a horse because it had always been around horses. (That was one confused goat.)

    Regarding your statement about people from Texas– I’m Texan. And I can tell you that when I do meet people in other cities or countries, they all have an opinion on a place that they’ve never once visited. It’s astonishing. I’ve had entire groups of people dismiss a rather large landmass in one sweep of the hand.

    Folks amaze me every day. Thank goodness for essays as crisp and sweet as this one to reduce the amount of binary thinking that can become,easily, a default position.

    • Thank you so much for the excellent, insightful comment, Courtenay! Also from one Texan to another, can we discuss the sweeping generalizations people make about us? When I travel, people are always astounded that I’m from Texas, because I don’t it any of the images in their head. I swear, people really do think we’re all cowboys! It really is astonishing how many stereotypes we fully put stock in.

      • Oh, I cannot begin to describe all the ways that I agree with everything you just said! What intrigues me, now, is studying all the self-perpetuating mythologies that Texas has created and encouraged historically, and then the mythologies that spring, fully-formed, outside of the Texan mythos.

        It’s mind-bogglingly weird! (And somehow, I think this same argument ties back into your original, exquisite discussion on girl-on-girl/woman-on-woman generalization action. You really knocked it out of the park, Grace!)

        My two absolute favorites of the Texas response (at this writing) are:

        “But you don’t look/sound/talk like a person from Texas!”

        “Oh, I don’t like Texas (a place I’ve never been), but I love Austin (a place I’ve heard is cool, but know nothing about).”

        Ah, this is great. Thank you, fellow Texan, for setting the record straight!

  7. This is hilarious! It’s so true, specially the bit about women being competitive of other women. I generally find that women who ‘don’t like other girls’ just like men. The like getting sexual attention frommen they don’t get from most girls. And they hate the competition, which also shows theyre generally insecure too.

    • Thanks BbC! Don’t even get me started on competition and perceived competition over guys. I can’t tell you how many feuds I’ve watched unfold from this line of thinking. So, so infuriating!

  8. Okay, first let me say that I appreciate what I think is the good intention of this article, but…does no one see the irony? You have taken the statement that some girls make, (“I don’t really get along with other girls”) reduced what that means for all of them and then used the reduction as a reason for hating those girls!
    Oy! It’s just more competition. More of “I’m a better and more righteous girl that you are!” stacked against a different set of subjective values.

    Ladies!!! There are indeed man-stealers, back stabbers, woman hating women, feminists, female chauvinist pigs and every confused, contradictory thing in between…but isn’t this cause for concern, compassion and community? The psychology of these issues is deep and nuanced and we are all accountable. Instead of simply bitching back from the other side of the fence…how about some out-reach, self-discovery and noblesse oblige?

    If anyone in this forum is interested in CONSCIOUS Feminism, please check out the following manifestos:

    • Thank you for your thoughtful comment. I’m sorry you took the post in that way, but I did say I’m not the type of feminist who thinks we all have to love and support each other. I don’t like girls who say they don’t like girls. You could classify that as a sweeping generalization in and of itself, but for one fact – it’s not general. People base the reasons they don’t like girls on stereotypes, not real girls’ thoughts and actions. However, if someone tells me they don’t like girls, that is their own opinion and it’s one that is a deal-breaker for me, friendship-wise. It’s like saying I could never date a guy who smokes. That’s an action that goes against my value system, so even if I haven’t met the man in question, I know we wouldn’t work out. The same holds true for girls who hate girls – it’s an opinion I find objectionable.

      However, I’m not a woman’s studies scholar. I have read my share of books on feminist theory, but even those quibble with each other on points. My general point was less about categorizing the people who say this and more about reinforcing the point that we’re just people, whether male or female, with our intricacies and differences. Just like feminism and what it means is different from woman to woman.

      • I hear you. I couldn’t/wouldn’t date a guy who smoked either!

        I’m just really hoping for the best for all of us females (and males!). As I try to become a fully Individuated person I realize that we all have it all going on within us. I’m hoping to see the conversation shift to personal accountability growth & consciousness. I’m really pulling for a re-valuation of the Feminine and Masculine, for that matter. Poor Masculinity has become confused with Patriarchy and the guys are really losing with this one too.

        The saddest part about “girls hating girls” is that it’s a kind of self hatred and self-confusion…and just another symptom of this increasingly bizarre and misogynistic world. It’s as self destructive as smoking and, yes, hard to stomach.

        Keep thinking and keep writing!

  9. All my children are women. Since they were young I ecouraged them to have friendships that would help them grow. You miss a lot if you discriminate. There are many circus performers and lawyers, ministers and golfers that are also women. If you don’t like women you are limiting your chances at personal growth. One has to be quite insecure to limit their potential by a half. Bravely stated.

    • “One has to be quite insecure to limit their potential by a half.” I absolutely love that way of phrasing it, Millodello. With just one sentence, you so brilliantly got across what it took me a rambling post to attempt. Your daughters are beyond blessed to have a father like you. The best friendships, like the ones I find myself lucky to have with Kate and Mae, do help both parties grow. Finding those with anyone, be they men or women, is hard enough without limiting your scope. Thank you for the wonderful comment!

  10. Great post, Grace. After having read all of the comments, above, I felt the need to comment on something that I’ve not yet read. I’ve never had a woman say to my face that they don’t like or get along with other women but I have heard women say this to men. This to me is a type of code; what the woman is saying is “ I am not at all like other women so will never rant about your football-watching, bass-fishing, out with the guys tendencies, and heck, might even join you and I also don’t fuss at you about cleaning, taking out the garbage, etc., because I am cool. Unlike other women, I am very cool and therefore you should really date/lust after/wish you were with me instead of all those frivolous, ninnies that keep trying to bust your balls.” The competition thing touched on this, but I see this as a woman clearly drawing a line in the sand that leaves the men walking away wondering “wow, why can’t my wife, girlfriend, etc. be like that?” This is, of courses completely unrealistic on both the speaker’s and the listener’s part. There is no person on this earth who is never going to make suggestions, become angry, get their feelings hurt, etc. Women who say things like this are, in my opinion, engaging in their own form of chest-pounding to state how much better they are than the rest. And, frankly, I find it just as tiresome to listen to as a group of men being rowdy.

  11. Interesting post! A couple of things- first- I wanted to respond briefly to the last comment and say that I have worked with teenage girls who have said directly to me that they don’t get along with other girls. I think it’s case by case as to the recipe of hurts behind those statements. But, that said, I also think it’s connected to the point you made in the article when you said:

    “Of course, I have a theory. I don’t think the women saying this believe it either. What they do believe is that saying they don’t get along with girls sets them apart from their gender. Doesn’t saying you don’t have girlfriends, because they’re catty, mean you’re implicitly not catty?”

    I think you’re on to something. I think women who say this DO want to set themselves apart from other women. I think it’s because of patriarchy. I’m one who is always ranting about the system, but seriously, I think the patriarchal system we live in is set up so that men are on top and everything is in place to support that. Why would women want to associate with ‘second class citizens?’ The system says that women cannot unite because that will upset the system. If women fight amongst themselves, they won’t come together and realize how unfairly the system is set up against them and work to change it.

    It makes me sad to hear other women and girls say they don’t get along with other women and girls. I think women say that because that’s how everyone is supposed to feel toward women- no one is supposed to think we’re awesome. The more women are thought of as great and amazing, the more power we will have. Men have the power under patriarchy, so women must be under men and always working to uphold them.

    Even the women who commented saying they don’t know how to be in women’s company or to talk with other women- I don’t believe that’s their fault or the other women’s fault, I think it’s about women having learned we have to be certain ways to be “good” women and whatever that means. So women who have those experiences of feeling like outsiders probably not only feel that way because of how they grew up seeing women in the world but also due to how the other women grew up seeing how women in the world should be.

    It makes absolute sense for us to cringe when other women say they don’t get along with women or they hate women, but it’s the system we live in that has us all caught up. Hopefully all women can learn to trust other women and to form friendships and alliances with women. Uniting is really the only way to change the system as it is today- so we aren’t beaten, and raped, and taken for granted, and paid less, and killed, and insulted, and silenced, and….

    Thank you for your post! My comment was longer than intended. Lots of good stuff to think about. -Liza, Matrifocal Point

  12. Great post! Sometimes women who say they hate other women and only hang out with men, simply prefer their ability to manipulate men sexually. Another generalization of course, but I wish the idea of solidarity among women was more of a practice than a theory. I love this blog, being a Texan, and BBQ! Keep up the good work ladies!

  13. I just always assume that these people aren’t very good at picking female friends. I feel more comfortable around women than men (the legacy of predominately female family and seven very important years of my development in isolated all-girls schools), and so most of my close friends have an extra x chromosome. And all of them are awesome.

    I’m also always a little offended when anybody says this. Do they realize that they’re talking to me, and that I am, in fact, a girl? Do they even TRY, or do they just meet somebody and assume that that individual is No Good, based entirely on gender? Do they honestly believe that men don’t vent when they’re frustrated with friends and loved ones, or say nasty things about people based solely on appearance, or get a little hormonal sometimes? Honestly, some of the cattiest bitches I’ve known have been dudes. Personality is not a gender thing at all.

  14. All i can say is GIRL POWER!!
    Feelings of competition and envy are hard for women to cope with which results in “catty” behavior and a somewhat backwards version of misogyny. Girls who “hate girls” are only trying to appeal to the “superior gender” and appear to have more in common with boys because they are struggling to be accepted. A note to those people: Your gender doesn’t define you or anyone, its merely a learned behavior that you act out. You do not have more in common with one gender or the other, you like what you like because of your experiences. You are not a girl, a boy, a bisexual, a homosexual, or an alien. You are you, and that’s all you can be, if that happens to be a woman, than be one proudly. say it with me…………. GIRL POWER!

  15. Yep, yep and yep on all accounts. More often than not, women who say that also like to think they’re better than most of their gender.

    Also what I don’t get is girls who do almost the same thing but say, “I’m only really friends with boys”. They’re intimating exactly the same thing as the girls you’ve talked about but think it’s a nicer way of putting it!

  16. Hear hear! Every time I come across the ‘I just don’t get along with girls’ girl I want to slap her with whatever object is closest to hand – usually the hand itself. We already live in a world plagued by ‘us vs. them’ – why should we let women get away with disrespecting their own sex in such a manner? I resent the ignorance behind their critique and the blatant arrogance in how it is often expressed. You’ve done us all a favour by calling them out – well done!

  17. I absolutely loved this post, but I love every single post any of you lovely ladies have posted, so it’s not really a surprise. I get the urge to bitch-slap the women that say this. The same women that say this are also usually the ones that constantly complain about drama (when they create it constantly and feed off of it). Great post and thanks for the laugh! The next time I hear a woman talking about their hatred for other women, I’ll have to send this post right on over. 😉

  18. I feel the same way! If I hear a girl say that she doesn’t have girl friends I think to myself, There’s a reason for that, time to run! … Saying you don’t get along with other girls or don’t like them or whatever to avoid drama is ridiculous. Hating other women is drama. Ultimately, those girls are almost always the cause of the drama. Duh! Great points, love your unique voice. Thank you!

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  20. I’ve had a lot of friends who would say things like this. For a short while I was baffled by it, but then I saw how they talked about a lot of other girls. They would say the cattiest things. They were often rude and offensive, and most of all jealous.

    The last two friends I had like this were oozing jealousy towards other girls. One of them was constantly bashing other girls appearances. Se would call curvy girls fat, slender girls anorexic, girly girls bimbos, tomboys dykes, and so and so forth. I remember one tme we were sitting at a table in the Lair eating lunch when a really pretty girl with wide hips and large breasts passed us and sat next to a guy. My “friend” spent the next twenty minutes bitching about how fat the girl was, and what a huge slut she must be because her shirt was cut so low (it really wasn’t, in fact my shirt had a lower neck line). Then it hit me, I’m a girl, and she probably thinks the same things about me. After that I stopped hanging out with her.

    The other girl was always bashing girls by saying they’re catty, slutty, stupid, and guy obsessed. Eventually I realized she was just bitching about things like that because other girls could talk to guys without freaking out, and et dates from guys, which is more than she was able to do because she didn’t have the confidence. I got sick of spending time with her really fast. Now a days I stop hanging out with girls who say they hate other girls. I’m a woman, I love other girls, I think there are some awesome ones out there, and I don’t want to be friends with people who are going to treat those girls like crap.

  21. Great post! I love having girlfriends, there is something about having a conversation with a member of the same sex that feels so good and irreplaceable. It is sometimes hard to get close to people, especially when everyone’s lives are so busy, but when you find that buddy to add to your close circle of friends it is MAGIC!

  22. I just heard an attractive, young (twentyish) woman say that, which prompt me to look why women say that…and I run into this article. Very well articulated but more impressively were the responses I read…I want to say I understand the logic why a woman would say that but not the psyche…I believe you have enlighten a bit on that…so for that thank you…I’ll keep reading your posts if they are this entertaining and enlightening…

  23. I myself, have more male friends than female friends. Why is this? Because interaction with other females can confuse me, there are a lot more social rules and I’m not good with those. I’ve always been a bit of a tomboy, but I’m also quite girly and I love the difference between men and women, the difference between individuals. I’m a sensitive person and I’d say slightly socially inept so I do believe that my discomfort with groups of other women comes from myself, not them. I have little in common with a lot of the girls I meet and I’m often intimidated by their confidence. However I’d never brand a whole gender or look down on them.

    I don’t agree with you that all women who feel this way are necessarily catty or dramatic. Surely you realise by labelling women who don’t always get on with women, you’re also branding them with a stereotype? Thus mirroring that behaviour.

  24. Reading this I could do nothing but laugh. I can’t even begin to describe how much of a hateful under tone this piece had. Are you ranting about us hating you… Or you hating us?
    Bottom line I couldn’t help but think this article is a perfect example of the kind of people I (“my set”, lol) try to avoid. And I also wanted to add that although I do prefer usually to surround my self with men there is a handful of women I love, just like there are plenty of men I wouldn’t want to associate with as well. So no it’s not right to stereotype anybody or say that all females are intolerable or all men and the shiznat. So on the bright side at least we agree on that.

  25. This girl explains this phenomenon on YouTube (I linked it below if you wish to see it.) It is basically internalized misogyny, which to some extent I believe they have been conditioned by society to internalize. They believe that in order to be respected, they can’t be “girly” – because girls just aren’t that respected! I am also tired of the whole femininity and intelligence being on opposite ends of a spectrum. Seriously, it takes 5 minutes out of my day to put on eyeliner and a skirt. It doesn’t mean that eyeliner and skirts is ALL I think about.

  26. Do you consider the possibility of women living in a male dominated society and grasping at anything they can to not be viewed as a target? We kind of exist in a society where having a vagina can be viewed as a vulnerability. Maybe instead of attacking women for trying to create a sense of safety, we ought instead address the culture that makes this necessary.

  27. This is not fully true, I say I dont get along with girls because I just dont for some reason girls hate me especially the ones that I deal witfh everyday.
    Out of every hounder gurl I would say I go along with maybe two tops.

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