Friendquaintance Repellent

I have discovered something new dear readers, something that I think will rock the world of science. Or, you know, make someone somewhere go “Huh.”.  I have found a way to repel my people, specifically my friends-acquaintances, without being mean, hateful, offensive, unhygienic, or talking in a baby voice. It’s called “being in love”. Go figure.

Yes, it’s true. Since falling in love I have had one of three reactions from my friendquaintances, which is a term I coined because just calling them acquaintances seemed cold but calling them friends seemed greatly exaggerated, hence the friendquaintance.

1. Oh! How nice. Good for you! (Then I don’t hear from them again)

2. Gross. Get out of here with all that love talk. (Then I don’t hear from them again)

3. Yay! I’m so excited for you! I need to meet him! (Then I don’t hear from them again)

It would seem that all of my friendquaintances have a severe aversion to being around any one in love. I really can’t imagine why. I’m not one to gush (except to Kate and Grace and they kind of have to love me) so I know it’s not because I’ve gone overboard on the lovey-dovey talk. And many of them are in relationships so it’s not a love-envy thing. It’s like I just mention I’m happy and in love and all the friendquaintances go running for the hills as if I’ve just told them I’m infected with zombie-virus and if they ever talk to me again they too will contract zombie-virus. How very odd it is. I never would have guessed that being in love was friendquaintance repellent, but then again, penicillin was an accidental discovery too.

The only other explanation I can think of is they were all murdered by a serial killer who is eventually working his/her way up to me. Of course this explanation seems far-fetched at best, but you have to admit, might make a great episode of Criminal Minds.

What about you foxy readers? Did your friendquaintances disappear when you fell in love?


20 thoughts on “Friendquaintance Repellent

  1. Friendquaintances (this is harder to write than it looks) are to couple love what tennagers are to parents. Once your friends find their own love (similar to when one’s teen grows up; turns 23 and has tired of overindulging in things one’s parents might not approve of), they’ll be back. Then you will have playgroups together and you may need a much more serious repellant to get rid of them; a child who bites usually works.

  2. I think of myself as a blog friendquaintance to those whose posts I read consistently. Continue your lovey-dovey posts and see how long those like me hang around. Some of my best friends are in love. Only one of those with me.

  3. Perhaps it’s their level of friendship that dictates such a withdrawal of their communication and/or company. A close friend needs to know the man you’re in love with to give approval, advice, and prove themselves involved in your life just the same as ever, whatever their own romantic status. A mere friendquaintace most likely feels that now you have a strong attachment to another person, and being that you don’t rely on their approval and advice the same as with a closer friend, their continual support is unneeded. And friendquaintances who are one half of a couple might feel now that they have someone and you have someone, you don’t need each other.

    Putting it that way, it sounds silly, but that’s humanity for you.

  4. Sadly… yet to discover what happens! Though .. I don’t think I’ve ever cut-off any of my friendquaintances who have been in love. Well,… one couple. But I had my reasons. Seriously too much PDA for anyone to handle. Even other couples! Who consequently also cut them out.

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  6. I”m confused. Why do you want your friends to stick around while you’re (falling) in love? Isn’t it normal to want to dedicate most of your time (initially anyway) to the apple of your eye? It sounds as though your friends might be giving you space?

  7. I’ve come to realize that some people just can’t handle happiness, and run away from it. When I started dating my boyfriend (we’re not in love yet, it’s still pretty early), my best friend was less enthusiastic than I’d anticipated and doesn’t really want to hear about it. And it’s my best friend.
    Then there are my other friends, the ones in relationships, that range from super excited for me to resentful of the fact that I’m still in the early, “honeymoon” stage, where everything we do is cute and lacking bitterness.

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