Why, Hello Sailor!

Good morning, WordPress! Did you have a good weekend? We did. It was full of decking the halls, kissing dashing boys in scarves under mistletoe, and – oh yes! – starting a blog. The last one is rather important.

Why are we starting this blog, you ask? Well…we have opinions. Loads of them. After twenty-odd years on Earth, a girl does tend to develop them. While some of them focus on the hottest actor in Hollywood (Ryan Gosling. Or Stanley Tucci. We’re divided on that one), many of them are about important things like gender politics, social justice, and modern romance conundrums. So join us while we snark discuss, won’t you?

We promise to be funny, if not always traditional, and entertaining, if not always nice. You’ll like us! Or not. No worries, either way. We’re just glad you’re reading, darling.


12 thoughts on “Why, Hello Sailor!

    • Hooray! Our very first comment! I’m thrilled you like the blog…and, even more importantly, Stanley Tucci. No one else understands just how dreamy that man is. It’s the glasses, agreed?

  1. Okay…your answer to this question will determine if I read any further.

    What’s your position on Karl Urban? My position is any position but I’m not asking me…I’m asking you three. So…3, 2, 1…go! πŸ™‚

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